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S2 / EP18: Bizarre Disappearance of Girly Chew Hossencofft

Updated: Sep 2

Conspiracy theories, aliens, reptiles, cannibalism and conmen. This case includes them all, and the more you dive into it, the more bizarre it becomes.

When Girly Chew Hossencofft went missing on September 9,1999, investigators had no idea what was about to unfold in their search for Girly Chew. Throw in a ninja sword, some random vials of blood and magical youth serum, and it seems almost fictional.

If you get the opportunity, do Google Diazien Hossencofft - of course AFTER you listen to this podcast - because you just have to put the face to the voice you will hear in this episode.

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Transcribed Episode / S2 EP18: Bizarre Disappearance of Girly Chew Hossencofft


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[Intro Segment: Audio of US Navy Pilots Discussing Unidentified Flying Object in Sky]

[US Navy Pilots]

There's a whole fleet of them, look on the ASA.

My gosh...

They're all going against the wind, the wind's 120 knots to the west. Look at that thing dude!


Who would’ve thought that in 2021 the Pentagon would release an unclassified report that proved the existence of aliens? Er wait, well they didn’t really. I mean they released the reports, but the reports pretty much state “we have absolutely no idea what those flying objects are up in the sky.” And they make zero mention of extraterrestrial life. You know the funny thing about that, with all that was going on in 2020 and we were told the Pentagon was going to release these documents on alien existence, I don’t think it fazed anyone! I think having aliens infiltrate the earth was the least of our worries and honestly, no one was surprised OR shocked.

But let’s get real - do we know if aliens exist or not? Well, there’s a group of people who wholeheartedly DO believe in aliens, they also believe that the earth is flat, as well as a number of other conspiracy theories. If you believe in those things, great, you can choose to believe whatever you want to believe in, whatever brings you joy. But here’s where that line gets a little blurred...when the belief system of someone causes harm to another individual - even causes death. In this episode I’ll be talking about murder, but oddly, that won’t be the most shocking thing about this case. So stick around, as it’s about to get real weird up in here….

[Intro Music Begins/Ends]


Armand Chavez was born in Houston, Texas on March 5, 1965. Diazien was a career con-artist. Although he claimed to be a thoracic surgeon who held degrees from the University of Tokyo and Cornell Medical College, he had doctored his transcripts and had been expelled from medical school. After he was expelled, Armand changed his name to the aggrandized Diazien Hossencofft in 1992. Along with claiming to be a thoracic surgeon, he also said he was a former CIA scientist. Diazien tricked patients into believing he was a geneticist and told people that he had leukemia and had only 5 months to live. He would tell neighbors that he planned to visit Toronto Ontario, Canada or El Paso, Texas for medical treatments. A significant portion of his income was made from treating cancer patients, bilking over $100,000 from them by selling what they thought was a miracle cure for cancer, but was actually just vitamin B-6. He also claimed he was 2000 years old and had invented anti-aging injections.

During the 1990’s Diazien made a trip to SeaWorld in San Antonio Texas, where he met a lovely woman named Girly Chew. Girly was born in Malaysia in August of 1963, and had been on a trip to the states when she met the charming Diazien.

When Girly returned to Malaysia, the two began to write each other letters and their relationship grew at an extremely fast pace. Within a week of meeting each other at Sea World, Girly moved to the United States to be with Diazien. The couple married in 1993 and moved to the 3900 block of Moon Street in Albuquerque, New Mexico where Girly began work as a bank teller at the National Bank of the United States in Albuquerque.

Diazien continued with his fraudulent persona, ultimately catching the attention of the FBI. In 1995 he attempted to purchase a bioreactor from a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania company under the guise of conducting cell growth experiments. The company was leery about selling the device to Diazien because of its potential uses, so they notified the FBI about the purchaser, but Diazien wasn’t arrested.

As if being a fraud wasn’t bad enough, Diazien began seeking out other women and began having affairs on Girly. In 1996, during one of those affairs, he fathered a son, Dimitri, with a Japanese woman living in Canada. Diazien brought the child to New Mexico, telling Girly that he was a Mexican orphan and that they had to adopt him. Girly was initially leery about the whole situation but soon became accustomed to being a mother and came to love Dimitri. It would be almost two years later that Girly would discover the horrible truth - that Diazien was the biological father of the child.

In the summer of 1998, Diazien met 50 year old Julie Kay McGuire, the owner of the Enchantment Lodge in Aztec New Mexico. He met her through an internet dating service where he introduced himself as a doctor and an expert geneticist. The became romantically involved - Julie not having any idea that Diazien was still married - and he convinced Julie he could take years off of her life and she paid him more than $6000 for two injections of this “youth serum.” She started to get leery of Diazien and had the serum tested only to discover it was actually vitamin B12.

It’s pretty apparent that Girly and Diazien’s relationship was quickly deteriorating. In addition to his lies, Diazien’s behavior towards Girly became more erratic and violent. In 1998, during an argument, Diazien choked and threatened to kill Girly. She called police and when they arrived, told them that Diazien became angry when she confronted his previous girlfriend, and the woman decided to break it off with Diazien.

It was in January of 1999, shortly following the domestic violence incident that Girly moved out of their shared home. Diazien pushed for full custody of Dimitri, and reluctantly Girly agreed and allowed the child to stay with him. She moved into an apartment at 8401 Spain Road N.E. in Albuquerque, hired an attorney and filed for divorce.

Diazien was not only angered that Girly had the gall to ask for a divorce, but she also was asking for some of their things. This enraged Diazien, and he called her at work, telling her that she wouldn't see a single dime of his money and that she’ll die and her body will never be found.

Through the divorce process, Girly discovered that Diazien was in fact not a doctor at all, and had been using a fake name. After discovering this information, along with his violent threats, Girly confided in her co-workers telling them that Diazien was threatening her and that she was afraid of him. She told them to contact authorities if she was even 5 minutes late to work saying, quote: "If I don't show up it means Diazien has done something to me." Girly had already suspected Diazien of smashing her car windows on two separate occasions after she had moved out of their house.

Girly was so afraid of Diazien and what he might do to her, that she even contacted the FBI who had already been investigating Diazien, telling them that she was afraid of him and that he had threatened to kill her on more than one occasion.

Girly did everything she could to warn others of Diazien’s violent behavior and to protect herself - she even began taking karate lessons for self-defense.

Diazien was still seeing Julie McGuire, and would often bring Dimitri with him, causing Julie to become quite attached to the 3 year old child. Julie knew about Diazien’s troubles with his ex wife Girly. He confided in her that he was going to pay someone to kill Girly and that no one would find the body. She told Diazien that bodies are usually discovered sooner than later, and Diazien responded by saying “not if they’re dissected.”

Julie began to feel sorry for Dimitri, and had an inkling that Diazien was abusing the boy so she felt the need to protect the child. She believed Diazien’s horror stories about Girly, and offered to help to find a family that could adopt him. They attempted to place the child with a couple, but after the first day the couple had Dimitri, they returned the child as he became violent with their other child.

Diazien attempted to adopt out Dimitri again, and this time, it was permanent and Dimitri was adopted in September 1999 to Melinda Miles-Lindberg, an attorney out of Anchorage, Alaska. Melinda actually wrote a book about her experience adopting Dimitri, titled “Mommy No. 13: A Child of a Murderer and His Adoptive Mother.” In her book she describes how more than a dozen women tried to mother Dimitri in his first 3 years, including Girly Chew. Melinda was the 13th woman - thus the title of the book. She went on to describe the little boy, saying that although he was rambunctious and bright, he showed little affection, connection or trust for others. His years being tossed from one caregiver to another obviously had taken its toll. Although Melinda raised the boy, he became estranged from her in 2015 when he turned 18. He only responded to her one time on social media, giving her a negative response to her book, calling it “syrupy.” Dimitri - which he has since changed his name - is now 23 years old, and hasn’t seen Melinda in over 5 years.

Diazien’s relationship with Julie McGuire eventually waned as Diazien’s behavior became stranger and stranger. Julie also discovered that Diazien was not who he said he was, finding out that he was still married, and that he had a domestic violence charge against him. Julie last saw Diazien in August of 1999.

But Diazien’s philandering continued, and in the summer of 1999, Diazien met another person who would soon become his fiancé, that woman was Linda Henning.

Linda Henning was born in Hollywood California on October 10, 1953. When Linda was 11 years old, her father left her mother which left Linda with some deep emotional scars. She tried to mend these scars by involving herself in relationship after relationship, pushing her emotional needs onto various men. Author Mark Horner of the book September Sacrifice about Girly’s disappearance, wrote in his book about Linda, writing that “This is a person who according to her own mother would believe the moon was made out of cheese if a boy had said it.”

After Linda completed high school she supported herself working as a fashion model and later began designing women’s apparel. Her clothing line took off, and in the 80’s Linda moved to Albuquerque New Mexico. By the 90’s Linda’s business was booming, she owned a beautiful home, enjoyed Southwestern art, and was engaged to be married. Aside from her entrepreneurship, she also had a keen interest in UFO’s and conspiracy theories - not surprising since the UFO hot spot Roswell - ​​ the city in southeastern New Mexico that is renowned as the site of an alleged 1947 UFO crash - was only about 3 hours away and Area 51 was about 800 miles from Albuquerque.

As a teenager, Linda had done a lot of research about government conspiracies and was obsessed with shows like the X Files.

In the summer of 1999, Linda attended a seminar by English conspiracy theorist David Icke. Icke believes that the world has been hijacked by an “unseen” global network called Archons that are inter-dimensional, pedophiliac, shape-shifting reptilians that are made up of the world’s ruling elite - such as George Soros or the British Royal Family. This global network is responsible for manipulating the world’s events and keeping humans in a constant state of fear so that the Archons can feed off the resulting “negative energy.”

Let’s listen to Linda explaining her beliefs and who exactly owns planet earth:

[Audio: Linda Henning Discussing Her Beliefs]

[Linda Henning]

I believe there is an incredibly strong alien presence on this planet. I also believe they've been here long before humans were here, and I believe that they have an agenda about eradicating the human race from this planet.

Who owns this planet, well I got to tell you that humanity does not. These creatures have been here way before mankind was ever thought of. Who owns this planet? Well you're going to find out real soon.


Linda also believed that the government leaders were aliens from another planet. It was around this same time that Linda was told about Diazien Hossencofft by the owner of the gym she worked out in. He told her that she might want to meet this guy, that he had a lot of interesting ideas and gave her Diazien’s card. Linda met Diazien at his home, and the two talked for hours, sharing their ideas and theories about aliens and other conspiracy theories. Diazien told Linda that he was a doctor and a former member of the CIA. He also told her that HE was an alien and was immortal.

Diazien claimed to Linda, and others, to be from the giga planet, that he was thousands of years old, and that he was able to morph into different reptiles. Linda was fascinated by Diazien and the “knowledge” he had amassed, and within a week of their meeting, their relationship intensified. Within weeks of meeting Diazien her personality seemed to change - she was already fascinated by the unusual and when Diazien came into her life, it accelerated her strange beliefs. Diazien didn’t talk much, however, about his soon to be ex wife Girly Chew - only that she worked as a bank teller.

Two weeks after meeting Diazien, Linda broke off her engagement with her fiancé and began an intense relationship with Diazien, telling her friends that they were planning to get married.

Linda spoke about her and Diazien’s relationship in this interview:

[Audio: Linda Henning Discussing Her Relationship with Diazien Hossencofft]

[Linda Henning]

Diazien does not control me or dominate me and nobody does. Who ever can control an opinionated woman, a strong-willed woman, an independent woman? H's brilliant, he's charming. Diazien is a maniac, he's a maniac.


As a result of the relationship, Linda’s friends began to notice the significant change in her behavior. Her ex-fiancé told a mutual friend Stephen Zachary that Linda had stopped showering and wouldn’t change her clothes, and that he thought she had some sort of “chemical imbalance.”

Linda would try to convince her friends to use Diazien’s miracle treatments and told them that he was a reptilian alien who was thousands of years old who had promised to give her great powers. She believed that the reptile aliens were going to be coming to earth, and certain individuals would be their local emissaries. Diazien convinced her that she was an alien queen wh